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Stories of Hope

Mukti’s Story

Mukti’s story started when two young lads from Pune, Gautam & Arjun, while returning home late one night, came across a boy helplessly trying to cross a road on his hands & feet.

It was a rainy night and there was heavy truck traffic plying. They instinctively pulled their car to the side of the road and helped the boy to safety. They realized that the boy could neither walk nor talk, was naked and had a deep gash on his forearm. The lads were in a quandary. They obviously could not leave this boy there. So they contacted the local police and handed the boy over to them.

The next day when they went to the local municipal hospital to check on him, to their utter shock and dismay they realized that he was missing. After frantic enquiries, the boy was located. They realised that the boy needed to be institutionalized. Dr. Parag Sancheti, of Sancheti Hospital, Pune, offered to treat him in the interim period and keep him there till a suitable home was found.

In the meantime this young boy, christened ‘Mukti’ meaning ‘Freedom’, by one of the doctors at the Sancheti Hospital, was recuperating well. An article run by Times of India on their front page had generated a huge interest. The outpouring of sympathy & willingness to help was phenomenal.

Finally, an institution called Asha Bhavan was located in Satara, which was equipped & willing to take in Mukti. So, one bright, sunny morning on 3rd September 2005, exactly four weeks from the day he was found, Mukti was moved to his new home Asha Bhavan under the care of Fr. Thomas & his team. Over the years, the families and friends of Gautam and Arjun, have mobilised support, donations and contributions to Asha Bhavan and their sister institution Asha Gram.


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