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Facilities / Infrastructure

Administrative Block

Contains office and staff rooms. Asha Gram documents and files are archived here. Also includes Visitors Parlor and counseling rooms, besides a beautiful reading room that has a computer, printer and Internet.

Staff Residence

Our Staff residence unit has facilities like TV Room, mini kitchens, and rooms with and without attached bathrooms. There are a few guest rooms too.



Vocational training is mainly done in the workshop that includes various kinds of machinery. Our children under the guidance of qualified teachers manufacture files, gel candles, mat, agarbathi, envelopes, fancy candles and ornaments here.


Asha Gram contains seven unique, pleasant and comfortable dormitories. At any given time, 120 people can be accommodated here. These dormitories are designed for privacy, safety and comfort. Toilet facilities are inside the dormitories. Every unit is divided into cubicles and each child gets their own comfort zone.


A well-stocked dispensary maintains the health condition of our children. There is also a sick bay next to it. The dispensary is monitored by reputed Doctors and supervised by Reverend Sisters.

Dr. Devkiran Pillai, Senior Psychiatrist has worked with us from our inception in 2000. He renders honorary service.

Dining Hall

All children and staff eat together. This refectory has good facilities and over 150 people can be seated comfortably. This neat and tidy dining hall impresses every visitor, and this speaks volumes about the general standards followed at Asha Gram!


At Asha Gram, food is prepared with utmost care. Cleanliness being next to Godliness, is a top priority and is a matter of joy for everyone involved. God’s presence is felt everywhere in Asha Gram. The people involved are blessed and are proud to be part of the mission.


We have a beautiful and a spacious courtyard with a stage surrounded by beautiful flower gardens. The entrance of the courtyard has an aquarium full of fish and surrounded by flowers; it is beautiful place for us the ponder up on the beauty of nature and secrets of life!


Dairy Farm

The Asha Gram dairy farm is ever growing. We also have an Emu farm, goat farm and poultry farm.

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